Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Entry Point!

Welcome to Cutting the Chicane, my new dedicated blog on Formula One. This blog will discusses everything from race results to slick tyres! Well after few deliberations on what name to use for the blog, the list includes “Over the Curb”, “Pit Stop Mob” and even “The Lollypop Man” but I finally decided to use this name. The only Jacques Villeneuve fan suggested this name to me and currently he is praying that JV comes back to F1!!

Oh yeah, we all know what happens when you cut chicanes, just ask the FIA stewards about it!

1 comment:

Kenny Kay-MaaN said...

This should be a good blog knowing the way you follow F1 .. will be checking it out frequently so that I may educate myself about the world of Formula One !!!