Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Danica.....I mean USF1

With Honda on its way to the history books of F1 thanks to the anarchic attitude of the guys who sit in Japan, it is great for Formula One to have a team based in the United States. Whatever the new age of F1 where the soo called new frontiers exists in Asia and the Middle East, United States is one of the biggest markets for motor racing rivalled only by Europe and any lame marketing dude would know that in terms of advertising and marketing, the Americans are the biggest spenders. It makes ideal for the team to be based in US and hope we get back the USGP once again.

The biggest thing out off this team is that if they are smart then they will surely sign Danica Patrick, the most recognized sports personal after Maria Sharapova. And she is also a very talented driver who will surely be better than half the guys on the grid last season. I always wanted Ferrari to sign her but then I guess Red Bull should have as imagine an underdog Toro Rosso team with Vettel and Danica racing for them. I know there is no end to these thoughts but hope USF1 does the right thing and sign her up for their debut season.

Hope to see her and the team for the 2010 season!


Kenny Kay-MaaN said...

For a woman to be on the F1 Track and that too driving, wow. Now someone with the looks like this one .. whoa :) .. I dunno much abt racing but dont you think it may be early days for Danica to make it big in F1 .. I dunno, jus asking

Ravik said...

She is a brilliant driver. I wuld say based on her skills alone in the top 5 in US, but with her marketing potential and jus after the 2 maria's she will be hottest sports personal in the planet!!!