Friday, May 15, 2009

Ferrari is F1

Every Tifosi on the planet would accept this and 9/10 F1 fans would also back this barring a few loyalist of McLaren!

Ever since the FIA president Max Mosley announced a radical policy to cut costs so that F1 becomes more affordable and we get to see more teams, things have not been the same in F1. The last decade or so has seen the manufactures dominating the championship with Ferrari led by Schumacher creating all sorts of records.

We need to understand that spending big money alone does not win you titles and if that was the case Toyota would have won a few championships by now and they used to spend close to 600 million USD everywhere since they launched their F1 project. Renault who spends the least among the manufactures propelled Alonso to 2 world championships.

This year thanks to various new regulations have made F1 very interesting and different that both independent teams like Brawn and Red Bull while also manufacturer like Toyota have done extremely well. Though the big 4 of F1 have struggled, Ferrari and BMW have show signs of revival and well could be challenging the likes of Brawn and Red Bull during the next few races.

Now with F1 clamping in with budgets on spending and even proposing a 2 tier F1 system where the teams which can stick to the cap of 40 million USD will have unrestricted freedom when it comes to aerodynamics and testing while teams which do not follow the cap will have various technical restrictions and this could lead to a scenario where the budget cap teams will be faster than the manufactures by more than 3 seconds. Imagine the likes of Force India lapping Ferrari and McLaren race after race.

Ferrari has been the only team which has been part of the championships since the inception of the event you go to any track you will always see a huge crowd wearing and waving Ferrari flags. 75% of F1 fans are Ferrari fans and every young driver’s ultimate dream is to drive for Ferrari at one point or the other in their career. Just ask Jean Alesi, the Frenchman could have been a multiple world champion had he driven for McLaren or Williams but he followed his heart and joined Ferrari.

Ferrari is like a religion and if F1 is the pinnacle of motorsports then it needs F1 more than Ferrari needs F1. The rich heritage that Ferrari brings in can never be replaced by how ever brilliant the driver is or how much technically the car is advanced.

Ferrari is not alone in the battle, others like Renault, Toyota, BMW and even independent teams like Red Bull and Toro Rosso have threatened to pull off the 2010 championship. McLaren thanks to the lean verdict FIA gave for the incident during the Australian GP has been very quiet while only the likes of Brawn and Williams been supporting the budget caps.

Who would want to see the likes of Force India, USGPE and Lola fighting for the world championship? F1 needs Ferrari for its survival and if FOTA launches a rival series, well FIA’s F1 World Championship will be dead and will be living of its past glory.

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