Wednesday, June 17, 2009

British GP Preview: Will Button Conquer Silverstone?

Jenson Button is having a Schumacher style season and so far this year his performance has been compared to the 2004 season in which Schumacher won 13 out of the 18 races. So far Button has won 6 out of 7 and no driver including his teammate Barrichello who drives a similar car has not come close to challenging him. Now with Silverstone having its last F1 race, Button could give it a fitting farewell by winning his 7th race of the season here but apart from some misfortune, Barrichello seems to be the only person who can stop him and winning ahead of Button at Silverstone will definitely hurt Button the most.

Though Red Bull and Ferrari showed an improvement in performance levels, but both the cars where no way close to Brawn GP and come this Sunday doesn’t expect them to upgrade its performance to the level of Brawn GP. Both RBR and Ferrari need a mix of luck, brilliant driving and a sound strategy to dislodge Brawn and Button from their winning ways. Vettel and Red Bull won in wet conditions in China and they should be praying that it should rain during the British GP during the weekend so that they can once again show their dominance during the wet weather conditions. Button of all the people knows how rain can turn a race topsy turvy as he won his first race thanks to rain.

With much news coming from outside the racing tracks, it is time for the teams to go and track and perform to the best as after 2 exciting seasons we are down to a season where one team is running away with both the titles and the second best team seems to be a few seconds off pace. Well Schumacher and Ferrari managed it in 2004 as they had the Tifosi to back them and this group of fans make up close to 70% of the viewers while Brawn’s Cinderella story at first seem to be heartbreaking and fresh is now fast becoming stale and unless the likes of Vettel and Red Bull start winning this could be the most boring F1 season ever. Also it would be good if the old guards of F1 like Ferrari, McLaren and Renault can also see the winner’s step.

Toyota seems to be back in form with Trulli coming in 4th while teammate Glock came in 8th. They at one stage seem to be the genuine challengers to Brawn GP but now if they can hold off the likes of Ferrari, Williams and the fast improving BMW team it would be a great result for them. Atleast finishing 3rd in the constructors’ championship looks achievable so far and it would be great for the team if they can actually pull it off.

Williams do need a miracle and unless Rosberg wins a race this season there is now way that he is going to stay with the team for the next season and with the likes of BMW, Renault and even McLaren expected to get stronger as the season proceeds, Williams needs these points to stay float or else they make join the likes of Lotus and Brabham in F1 history books.

McLaren after a horrific start to season needs points in Silverstone to salvage on what has become a nightmare of a season and they will target atleast a top 5 finish in the championship but will have to fight out the likes of Williams, Renault and BMW.

Alonso and Renault will be hoping for an improved performance and Alonso once again this season has proved to be the ultimate driver and if Renault can pull off something, even a podium finish is possible with Alonso behind the wheels while teammate Piquet will have to drive his best if at all he has to survive till the end of the season with the team.

STR and Force India will fight out who gets out of Q1 this time but STR seem to be the better of the 2 with both its driver scoring points but Force India has come dangerously close in scoring points this season and what better place than Silverstone to score it’s maiden point but with some updates coming in for the car expect the team to atleast challenge the STR cars.

Button should be the favourite to win the race but do expect Barrichello to challenge him while this could be the place where Vettel can start on his quest on mathematically challenging Button for the World Championship while Ferrari would want to prove that it is the best among the rest.

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