Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What’s in store for 2009!

The last 2 seasons of Formula one has been the best in recent time and with Kimi pulling off an impossible win in 2007 and while Massa nearly pulled off a miracle in 2008 and eventually lost the title by just one point even though he won more races than anyone else on the grid. Also 2008 saw the “Next Big Thing” Vettel showing his immense potential and even managed to win in Monza with his underdog Toro Rosso powered by the Ferrari. It was nice to see both the Italian and German anthems played together once again.

2009 may be the most unpredictable season in F1 not only because of various rule changes but with a global economic recession, no one is sure if at all every team will actually start the grid in Melbourne and if apart from the bigwigs if the others can survive a whole season. Well one good thing is that major budget cuts are in for 2010 and this could level the playing field and it could see Red Bull and Williams (If they can survive)challenging the manufacturers team for the title.

My prediction for 2009 is that I assume that the driver’s race would be between Massa, Kimi (if his head is right), Hamilton and Kubica. But I would throw in Alonso and Vettel as the surprise package and I would not even be shocked if both these 2 drivers would challenge the others for the championships. As far the teams, Ferrari, McLaren and BMW will be pushed by Red Bull and Renault. Well Toyota would once again have a mixed season and I assume this could be the last year for them. Williams should also pull off atleast what STR did last season or they are well on their way on becoming the next Jordan F1 team! (On the way out). Honda would be lucky to start while Force India just adds in the numbers. Oh yeah STR would pull off a STR if Buemi pulls off a Vettel.

Honda and Toyota are two teams who managed to burn a lot of money and never did actually produced results. Well Honda did managed one runner-up position in the constructor’s championship but never did once they challenged the top cars while Button managed to pull off a win thanks mainly to the rains in Hungary. Ideally Honda instead of backing BAR had it made Jordan a works team, well things would have been different and they would be one of the top 3 teams while Toyota still has a chance as they can pull off their program and would rather back Williams which would definitely produce some amazing results for the team.

Well I just cannot wait for the 2009 season to begin and watch Vettel and Alonso challenge the Ferrari’s and McLaren’s while Kimi if he manages to do what he does in 2008 well he is on his way out of F1 and Ferrari would land in either Alonso or Vettel or even both. Buemi is quick and if the STR managed to be as good as it was in 2008 well he could even manage to pull off a Vettel. Force India will score points if they are lucky while Rosberg will once again drive well but will not have a car to back him.

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