Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why McLaren Why?

I don’t want to rake up the espionage scandal of 2007 where McLaren were caught red-handed with Ferrari’s data but still nothing major was done about it but I don’t know what is with McLaren’s obsession with Ferrari? Seriously if they are soo good or atleast like they assume they are, this would have never happened.

Has it stopped? Hell no! Well recently Force India which ran Ferrari engines for the 2008 season and still with a year’s contract left decided to switch to McLaren for technical partnership and also Mercedes will supply them engines. The irony is that now McLaren will have all off 2008’s data on Ferrari engine.

This does not stop here, off late some reports have being coming in that Honda, well I still don’t see the point of calling the team with that name as the Japanese auto major pulled off and left the team high and dry! McLaren is now ready to step in and offer them engines for the good of F1. With money being an issue and money can buy anything, all McLaren will want is rake the brains of Ross Brawn and well get more Ferrari data. Well I guess McLaren winning is no more a big deal as well even if they win, it is like using a pirated copy of Ferrari’s technical data!

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