Friday, March 27, 2009

Australian GP Qualifying Preview

In what could be the most unpredictable race in a decade saw Williams clearly dominate Friday practice session and would go into the qualifying as the hot favorite to get a car up on the front grid and may even go on to put up a serious challenge during the race. Brawn GP and Toyota were not far off and well has the potential to dominate the race. Ferrari, Renault and RBR were consistent but need to pull off something to try match the pace of the front runners.

Surprisingly BWM and McLaren seem to lag behind the others while even a point’s finish would be great for them. STR would be keep to complete the race while Force India once again would be the back-runner as based on the pre-season testing and today’s practice, I don’t see them doing anything significant during the race.

Unless the top guys are sand-bagging, Australian Grand Prix is set to spring out lots of surprises and the usual mid-runners will find themselves at the front of the pack while the likes of Williams and Brawn will be setting record times.

On the side note, the diffusers of Williams, Brawn and Toyota may lead some crisis while the FIA has also reverted back to the last years points system.

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