Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brawn GP creates History!

In what could be the most historic moment in Formula One, for the first time since inception of the FIA World Championships, a team has made its debut and managed to get the first 2 places in the race. The last time a team won on debut was when Wolf Racing won in Argentina way back in the 70’s. Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello are 2 of the most experienced drivers in the line-up and Button for the first time has a car to prove his credentials looks like an early favourite for the 2009 Driver’s World Championships. If Brawn continues to perform the same way, well the constructor’s title will be well decided by mid-season.

Traditionally Australian GP throws up a few surprises as reliability issues hits teams and usually you do expect some lower-mid rung teams to score but this year there could be a pattern which is coming in and this could be anyone’s season with Brawn GP leading the way. The big guns of F1, Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and BMW have a lot of catching up to do as well without some luck both Alonso and Hamilton would not have scored and among the 4 teams only Ferrari and BMW seem to have it in them to challenge for podium during the next few races.

I did pick Sebastian Vettel as the dark horse for the championship this season and I was not wrong as he proved that he has everything in him to become a World Champion and he was well on his way for a 2nd place finish till Kubica’s over ambitious move resulted in him taking Vettel and himself out of race contention. If Vettel continues to race this way, well he sure has an outside chance but he does require more support from the car to catch up with Brawn.

Williams were just unlucky not to have Rosberg on the podium but this could be the season where they may not win the title but could see a revival of sorts and have a driver on the podium on a regular basis and may even get lucky by winning a race or so. Nakajima is all set to become the next Sato and I hope his performance in Australia is a one off thing as Williams needs both their drivers to score consistently. Toyota after stating from the back after the issues during qualifying where their back wing was deemed illegal will be happy to see Trulli finish 3rd and Glock finish 5th.

There are a few things which do not seem to change from last season, though it is very early to comment on them, but still Kimi once again is all set to make the same mistakes as he did last year while Massa struggles to perform when he does not start from pole. I still don’t know why Renault signed back Nelson Piquet but if he does not pull something special during the next few races, well at the start of the European races Alonso will have a new partner. Force India’s renewed battle with STR at the bottom of the grid once again resulted in STR doing better than Force India and though they were lucky in scoring points, S├ębastien Buemi the 19 year old rookie did went wheel to wheel with some experience drivers and well could provide some moments during the course of the season.

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Arjun Thodge said...

good stuff...i see ur back in action with the new F1 season... it hasnt caught me yet and i must say i regret not seeing the very first race of the season.

btw... the first time a new team has ever taken the podium in its first race was in 1954 - this was new to me as well... read it on the f1 website..and it was Mercedes Benz...hahahah

I also dont agree that Hamilton/Alonso will need luck to maintain their podium standings and no one but Ferrari and BMW has what it takes - u'll be surprised my friend... let the season unfold..