Friday, March 20, 2009

Does the Winner really take all??

I was really happy that the FIA were actually discussing changes in the points system to make F1 more exciting and after all winners are meant to win the World Championship but the new system is not the best of things. It will lead to a scenario where a driver may have won 4 titles while he may be just be in the top 5 and well he will be crowned the Champion. Well last year we saw Hamilton win the title by a point but then Massa had more wins, so going by the new rule Massa is the World Champion.

But there is a deep flaw in this new system. I would back FIA to tweak the points system so that winners get more points rather than the current system where the difference between the winner and the 2nd place drive is just 2 points which is ridiculous. Well given the 2009 scenario I guess it may lead to a situation where the best driver may not win the World Championship while another with a few wins may snatch it away.

The ideal scenario is to have a point scoring system where the top 8 guys get points and also there are points for being on the pole and also the fastest lap. So I suggest the best point system would be like this starting from the 1st placed driver to the guy who finishes 8th – 15, 11, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Also the driver who gets pole gets 2 additional points and the driver with the fastest lap gets 2 points if he finishes the races and 1 if he does the fastest lap alone and fails to finish the race.

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