Friday, April 3, 2009

McLaren and Controversy

We all know what happened in 2007, had it been any other sport McLaren would be thrown out of the sport but espionage is a small thing according to FIA and though McLaren was stripped off all points for the constructors championships as they had a car with competitor’s design while the car was used to decide the drivers’ championship and eventually Ferrari had the last laugh as Kimi pulled off a memorable win.

Even last year, the irony was that a Toyota driver had to leave way for Hamilton to win the title while clearly everyone knows that the driver of the year was Massa and now, well only one race has began and already we McLaren and Hamilton lying and cheating just to score 2 extra points. Giving deliberate misleading evidence to the race stewards is not a good thing and its time FIA take some stern action against the team which has been involved in some controversy or the other in the last few years.

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