Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brawn’s Cinderella story continue after the FIA ruling

The FIA had taken some very interesting decisions over the last few years, some soo bad that it could have led to the downfall of F1 but off late the FIA has finally gotten a grip of things and wants to show that who is the boss and who is in charge.

Every sport needs a powerful regulatory body and the FIA has just showed that by giving a very good valid ruling over the diffuser row. In what turned out to be a sort of Cinderella start to Brawn GP, could have easily been spoilt but now thanks to this ruling not only Brawn but also perennial mid-field team Toyota and also former champions Williams could have a phenomenon season.

Now with this, all the other teams are in race to get the new diffuser in place but among the lot if Ferrari and Red Bull manage to get things in place, well they can pose a very stiff challenge to the original diffuser gang cars while Renault and BMW should improve as the season progresses.

One team which is having a nightmare season both on and off track is McLaren and their very long association with Mercedes could come to an end this season due to one scandal or the other which has rocked them in the last 3 years.

Rumours are going round with Hamilton all set to take Barrichello’s seat once McLaren is banned from the season while even worse is that Mercedes may take over McLaren or it may pull the plug and just make Brawn it’s new works team.

The FIA so far this season have been consistent and if they continue to do so things are not looking good for both McLaren and Hamilton, but I guess the FIA will take the right decision and we all hope Brawn does not do something stupid for free engines or some cash as taking Hamilton in would be the biggest mistake ever for Ross Brawn.

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