Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chinese GP Preview: Will Ferrari Rise Up?

This could be the most important grand prix of the year for Ferrari as surely if the team fails to score points once again, then surely heads will roll in Maranello and well before you know it one or both the driver’s for 2010 could be replaced. Gone are the days when Ferrari struggled to match the pace of McLaren, Williams or Benetton. The Schumacher era changed all that and the worst finish for Ferrari in a championship since the era began was 3rd during the 2005 season when Alonso won his first World Championship.

Brawn GP has been simply amazing and expects Jenson Button to head the field once again as a favourite to take the race but Barrichello is a very experienced driver and he could also challenge Button for the race win. Toyota and Williams, the other members of the so-called “Diffuser Gang”, have very good cars and Williams though have shown pace during the free practice are yet to show that sort of pace during a race and this weekend could be one where they once again have a chance to win races and dominate Formula One. Toyota though has a very good car still do not have drivers who can go on and win the world title, but they are in the running to finish in the top 3 of the constrictors championship.

Among the rest expect Red Bull to provide some challenge but Vettel has been very unlucky so far and hope the Chinese GP brings him some luck which he needs badly now while BMW could once again be in reckoning for scoring points. Renault and McLaren continue to struggle while Flavio has been very outspoken about the diffuser design but McLaren has its own problems ever since the Australian GP and with Hamilton highly unhappy with the way things have phased out in the team, would like to put their house back in order but with the WMSC meeting Hamilton on April 29th, well anything is possible from then on.

Also recently Kimi said that the hearing on the controversial diffuser would decide the championship but I hope the committee does not make the diffuser of Brawn, Williams and Toyota illegal as what started off to be an amazing season could end up as one of the worst season and whoever wins the championship will not want to win it that way.

Though everyone would continue to want Brawn GP dominate but no one wants a one sided season and it would be great if Vettel and Rosberg could challenge Button for the title as F1 needs competition badly and it would also be good if the big boys of F1, Ferrari and McLaren takes backstage for a season.

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