Friday, April 10, 2009

Sir Jackie “The Patriot”

Sir Jackie Stewart may have been a former 3 time World Champion and ofcourse today’s generation of fans will know Steward Grand Prix as a team which did have mixed results in its short 3 year history but Steward who has been against FIA for ages and also since he is no more relevant to the F1 world keep making comments which do somehow manage to attract the attention of a few fans once again has shown how biased one can get.

Steward being a former world champion should be a guiding light of F1 but he behaves like the unofficial spokesperson of the McLaren and Williams teams. Steward has shamefully compared McLaren’s attempts to cheat the race stewards during the Australian GP to Vettel’s decision to continue after his accident despite having a loose wheel hanging off his car. Vettel was not the first driver to do soo and Steward’s blue eyed boy Hamilton has also driver with punctured tyres and if memory serves me, in an unprecedented way once used a crane to lift his car off the gravel trap.

What happened with Vettel is a pure racing incident and any driver in that situation would have done the same, but comparing that to an incident that too during a sporting event where a team and it’s drivers lying to the stewards to deliberately change results and bring the sport into disrupt is plain sad. Steward being a decorated champion should be ashamed of himself for making such a poor statement.

In the world industrial espionage is a serious crime and McLaren were lucky that in one of the worst’s ruling by the FIA were allowed to compete for the driver’s championship while the same car was deemed illegal for the constructor’s championship. I don’t want to rake up old issues but bringing in Vettel into this mess to save McLaren and Hamilton by Steward is unnecessary and someone should ask him to shut up.

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