Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Brazilian Job

The final race of the season will be a showdown between Massa and Hamilton for the FIA World Driver’s Championship. It does have a sense of Déjà vu like last year 7 points was the difference between Hamilton and Kimi though Alonso was the actually title contender but Kimi took the crown away from both Alonso and Hamilton thanks largely to Massa. This once again shows that F1 is a team sport and McLaren though could have easily won the drivers’ championship with Alonso, but Ron Denis decided to back Hamilton and we know the story.

Now with both Kimi and even Alonso, the fastest man on Friday practice ready to help Massa, well this could be a great chance for Massa to claim his first world championship and finally prove that he is something more of just a side-kick. Also if he fails to win, well the future after 2010 will become very bleak for him and well he could go on and become the next Irvine of Ferrari. Guys like Alonso, Vettel and Kubica have proved that they are on-par if not even better than the current Ferrari drivers and I am sure Ferrari would love to have a team with any one of the above combination and for Kubica, if BMW does not improve next year, well Ferrari may be the only team which can get him a World Title.

As for the constructor championship, Ferrari should have no problem in retaining it once again as Kovalainen is possibly not even among the 10 best drivers in F1 today and he is lucky scoring those points than to his car. I guess McLaren would be looking at Rosberg as a future driver as he too will not be in Williams too long and possibly end up as the next Jenson Button.

This should be a brilliant race and the weather may also play a huge part and I hope at the end of the race, the Tifosi will celebrate like last year and on the whole once again F1 is the king of all sports and the whole season turned out to be a brilliant one. I will miss F1 till the next season starts!

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