Monday, November 3, 2008

Massa the true Champ

They said he could not handle pressure, they said he could not race in the rain and they said he does not deserve to be the Champion. But Massa proved everyone wrong by driving the race of his career and winning the Brazilian grand prix. Not only did he win more races than anyone else on the grid, but also proved that he is a great sportsman and he did not have to win the title the way Hamilton won thanks to the biggest douche bag ever, Timo Glock. Hamilton clearly was the not the best driver on the grid and there are atleast 4 guys who are better than him. The way Vettel, the next big thing of F1 took his case was brilliant. Anyone in the right sense of mind knows who the real champion is and Massa will always be the people’s Champion. Yesterday was a dark day in F1 history and even guys like JV won the race fair on the track unlike Hamilton who was handed the title thanks to his old buddy doing the job and hoping this could lead to a McLaren seat in 2010! Massa you are the man and you proved that that you are the best driver in F1 today.

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