Sunday, November 16, 2008

Farce India

During the 90’s Jordan and his team were well known for a "rock and roll" attitude which added colour and character to F1. Then in early 2005, the team was sold to Midland Group, who competed for one final season as 'Jordan', before renaming the team as MF1 Racing for the 2006 season, before being sold later in 2006 to Dutch car manufacturer Spyker Cars to become Spyker F1 for 2007, and then sold again to become Force India in 2008.

It was during these years that Jordan racing died and well after going thru various avatars within such a short span of time, Vijay Mallya bought the team then known as Spyker and he launched Force India, the first team from India to race under its flag. Shahrukh Khan was chosen as its brand ambassador and the car and the drivers were launched with much fanfare in Mumbai. They had a veteran in Giancarlo Fisichella and they had a young driver with enough talents to give the best a run for their money in Adrian Sutil (Atleast we thought so last year!).

Kingfisher is my favourite brand of beer and it is owned by UB group which is also owned by one Vijay Mallya. I do drink a lot of beer and it is sad that the money which people from all walks of life is wasted on the so-called pet project of Mallya. He may want to be a Richard Branson and maybe his parties may even be better than Branson but Branson yes has wasted money down the toilet but Force India project was a disaster and it sure did wasted a lot of beer money!

It may never reach the heights that Jordan was in the 90’s but then now luckily Ferrari engines is off this stupid car and I am sure Ferrari does not need that money it makes out of these engines and can rather supply Red Bull and ensure future driver Vettel has a good enough car. Force India now is officially McLaren’s B team and this is sad especially for Sutil as he nearly scored points in Monaco if not for Kimi’s last minute bump while Fisi did enjoy a full ride in F1 and he can either become a tester or just join CART or NASCAR.

Hopefully Force India can atleast challenge the likes of Honda next year as the way I see it if STR can get good drivers, they would be tough to catch and with RBR most likely to get Ferrari engines and with Vettel behind the wheels, it would be next to impossible to catch them. Which leaves us with Williams as the only team which is going down every year and hope Force India with Mercedes engines should be able to catch up with them and score atleast a point the next season.

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