Monday, November 3, 2008

Timo the Jobber!

Timo Glock may have just sealed a deal with McLaren to race with them for the 2010 season after the job he did for Hamilton. Both these guys go a long way and well even if Heike would have done it well you can say it is a team sport but Glock decided to screw his current employer Toyota and decided to let Hamilton win the Championship in the most disgraceful way possible. I think the only other guy who would want a McLaren seat for 2010 would be Rosberg and I am sure Keke would not want his son to play 2nd fiddle, when he can beat Hamilton on the track! Toyota should fire Glock immediately if they want to maintain some dignity!

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Kenny Kay-MaaN said...

Well at times there has to be some vagabond who will disgrace the sport. Lets just hope that all these dirty schemes work against the heads who have planned them.

Hope Ferrari answers in the one and only style they are aware of: WIN and WIN in SPIRIT :)