Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vettel on top in Barca

Vettel proved that he is no flash in the pan and he is the next big thing of F1 by clearly coming on top of testing in Barcelona. Adrian Newey designed car was more than handful and even with a Renault powered car, he was clearly on top of testing. Just imagine if Red Bull just swaps engines with STR, well they could be well on top and even the big guns will be thinking twice about the team.

Another important thing which came out of the weekend was Force India signing a deal with McLaren. Effectively they have become the “b” team of McLaren and well now McLaren can get its hands on a years worth of data on Ferrari engines and also have 2 other cars to do its bidding. With a freeze on testing this would benefit McLaren a great deal. Poor Fisi and Sutil now will be praying that they get a drive for next season.

Honda and STR are yet to confirm their drivers. While Jenson Button is all set to take one seat, the other seat would be a shoot out between Rubens, Senna and Di Grassi. I guess even if Senna and Grassi are of similar pace, I would go with Senna if I was Honda and having a famous last name could do wonders for you career even if you are not that good. Just ask Ralf about it, as without it he would have not been in F1 this long. It is good to see Sato testing for STR along with Bourdais and Buemi plus you can add Senna and Rubens to the possible drivers would could race for them.

I guess I would predict Button and Senna will drive for Honda for 2009 while STR is still tough to predict and well I would put Sato (lucrative Japanese market for Red Bull) and Buemi in STR. And if Senna fails to get into Honda well thanks to Berger, he will surely land a seat in STR.

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